Di Voci Wins First Prize at Alderley Edge Festival 2013

Here’s the write-up in local paper the Sale and Altrincham Messenger 15 May 2013 edition

Di Voci Ladies Choir triumphs at Alderley Edge Festival

ALTRINCHAM-based Di Voci, a ladies choir formed in 2007, hit the right notes at the recent Alderley Edge Festival Choir competition.

The annual event, which features music and speech competitions, was won by the ladies at their first time of entry.

Di Voci is a mixed ability choir with more than 40 members, meeting most weeks in Altrincham.

Musical director Lorraine Brown was delighted at the result, giving credit to her ‘fantastic group of ladies who have worked so hard and truly deserve their success’.

The choir was originally started to fill a gap in the market for a non-auditioned ladies only choir.

Di Voci’s repertoire combines classical choral music with a few modern favourites to provide a unique blend that attracts hundreds of loyal fans to their twice yearly concerts.

Lorraine Brown put the success down to the choir’s enthusiasm and hard work. ˜Given the popularity of choirs during recent years, audience expectations are getting higher and higher, therefore we have to raise our game continually each year to keep the audiences coming though the door.

“The recent focus on entering choral competitions has provided us with a goal which helps us to improve our musicality and refine our performance. I am so proud of their achievement.”

Di Voci plans to enter more local and national competitions during 2013 and 2014, their ever increasing profile keeps attracting potential new members however Di Voci has had to introduce a waiting list due to its popularity.

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