Manchester Amateur Choral Competition (MACC)

We had a ball yesterday at the  annual Manchester Amateur Choral Competition held at the Royal Northern College of Music. This was our first ever competition and  the standard was extremely high. Although we weren’t placed this time, we sang our hearts out and can be proud of our performance.

Here we are relaxing before our performance:

And here we are after our performance finally able to join the audience:

Our 3 competition songs were: Battle of Jericho; Small Part of the World; and Don’t Rain on my Parade.

We missed winning choir “Inpromptu”‘s performance first time round as we were busy warming up but their reprise was absolutely stunning. Here they are receiving well-deserved applause:

Last year’s winners “Crystal Chords” put on a fantastic performance to take our minds off the judges’ deliberation. Their co-ordinated outfits and Busby Berkeley style choreography matched the quality of their close harmonies. Absolutely mesmerising.

A big thank you to everyone who came to support us. I think we’re inspired to raise our game for next year now…

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